Starting the Process

At First Step Recovery, we treat alcoholism and drug addiction as diseases. Like other chronic diseases, such as diabetes and some forms of heart disease, Substance Abuse Disorders have a well-defined and predictable course of development, as well as a common set of symptoms.

Addiction and the Family

We believe that addiction affects the entire family, and that’s why we treat the entire family. Our Family Program provides support, education, and community for loved ones of those struggling with addiction.

Giving Hearts Day is Feb. 8!

First Step Recovery is taking part in Giving Hearts Day! Mark your calendars to give at on Thursday, Feb. 8. The first $4,000 donated will be matched!

Relationships and Conflict Management

January 18, 2018
Gail Nelson, LPC
Journey Counseling


January 25, 2018
Nadine Hillesheim, LP/LPCC

The Counseling Center


February 1, 2018

Nutrition and Recovery

February 8, 2018
Robin Sickels, LRD

Anger Management

February 15, 2018
John Lyon, LICSW

The Village Family Service Center

Family of Origin

February 15, 2018
Marty Tallakson, LPCC

Clarity Counseling

Money and Credit

March 1, 2018
Dwight Schroeder

The Village Family Service Center

'Pleasure Unwoven'

March 8, 2018
DVD Presentation

Anxiety Management

March 15, 2018
Dr. Renae Renardy, PsyD.

Lakeside for Behavioral Change

Sleep Hygiene

March 22, 2018
Becky Elbert, CNS

The Village Family Service Center


March 29, 2018
DVD Presentation