Treatment and Recovery

At First Step Recovery, we treat alcoholism and drug addiction as diseases. Like other chronic diseases, such as diabetes and some forms of heart disease, Substance Abuse Disorders have a well-defined and predictable course of development, as well as a common set of symptoms.

Starting the Process

We strive to make First Step feel safe and comfortable. We are here to help people get well. The process of recovery at First Step can begin with something as simple as a conversation so that the client can learn more about our treatment process.

A tragedy in the First Step Family

First Step Recovery Director and Co-Founder Mike Kaspari passed away Sunday afternoon, April 16, after he suffered a brain injury in a fall the week prior. We are heartbroken. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and all those he has helped through his work at First Step. The family has set up a CaringBridge page where you can leave your condolences.

Lecture: 'Co-dependency and the Family Disease'


Presenter: Renee Sandvik, MSW/LAC, The Village Family Service Center

Recovery Discussion


Presenter: Alumni Speakers

DVD Presentation


“Pleasure Unwoven”

Lecture: 'Money and Credit Concerns'


Presenter: Dwight Schroeder, The Village Family Service Center

Lecture: 'The Disease of Addiction'


Presenter: Dr. Barrie March

DVD Presentation



Lecture: 'Anger Management'


Presenter: John Lyon, LICSW, The Village Family Service Center

Lecture: 'Self-Care'


Presenter: Nadine Hillensheim, LPCC, The Counseling Center

Lecture: 'Anxiety Management'


Presenter: Dr. Renae Renardy, PsyD., Lakeside for Behavioral Change

DVD Presentation


Presenter: “Ungauarded”

Lecture: 'Sleep Hygiene'


Presenter: Becky Elbert, CNS, The Village Family Service Center

Lecture: 'Tobacco Cessation'


Presenter: Jay Taylor, RT